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The 2018 Annual General Meeting for the St Mary’s GJFC was held on 22 November 2018.

We are pleased to announce the following elected members for 2019:

2019 Elected Committee

President: Dean Arnel
Football Director: Brenton Kinnear
Football Department: Paul Tobin
Football Department: Bernie Girolami
Sponsorship: Mark Hume
Treasurer: Aleks Todorovic
Assistant Treasurer: Brendan Walpole
Secretary: Chris Gatt
Assistant Secretary: Julie Taylor
Property Steward: Monique Jackson
Merchandise: Laureen Mefflin
Events Coordinator: Caroline De-run


General Committee (Non-Voting):

Registration and
Kirsten Hackenbroich
Auskick: Anthony Theunissen
Player Advocate: Livio Basille
Juniors Bar Manager: Bradley Stephens

We are pleased to welcome Dean Arnel as our new President. Dean is a former St Mary’s GJFC Juniors player and will now follow in the footsteps of his father Dennis whom was also a former President of our great club.

Congratulations to new elected members: Bernie Girolami, Mark Hume, Brendan Walpole, Julie Taylor and Caroline De-run. We are lucky to have such talented individuals volunteers their time for the benefit of the children. Tabled reports will be available on the web shortly.

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2018 St Mary Football Club

Football Department

The St Marys football club had approximately 450+ players take the field in the 2018 season. This large number reflects the standards set by the club. We are a club that allows children to get a game of football each weekend.

When playing a sport, children have the opportunity to show their skills, gain greater self-awareness, and enjoy an activity that they love the most.

Football provides consistent exercise.

Team sports commit your child to regular exercise, which helps boost immunity and contributes to overall physical health. The health benefits of playing sports include proper weight management; efficient functioning of the heart, controlled diabetes, lower cholesterol levels, improved blood circulation, lower hypertension and stress levels. It helps in the toning of muscles and strengthening of bones.

We certainly know there’s much more pressure on people’s time and their wallet and there’s a lot more options available to kids and adults now than (there was) 20 years ago, But our aim is to retain as many players as possible for the next season.

With 23 sides competing each, the amount of coaches in the club was just over 50, including assistant coaches.

This is an extremely large number of well trained volunteers, parents and helpers to ensure the children all enjoy their football in the 2018 season. It takes around 280 volunteers each weekend to get all our games of football on the park. Thanks to all those who helped out in the 2018 season.

Congratulations to the under 12 Black and Under 11 Black on taking out the 2018 Premierships, and a big congratulations to the 10 of our competitive 16 sides that made finals in 2018.

Our grading and team selections was extremely well managed across the club, every side won at least 4 games and as a club our winning % rate across all teams was 59%.

To see the smiles on the faces of young children each weekend is why the club exists

Congratulation to the following players on achieving top ten best and fairest in the league and team of the year nominations:

Under 15 (4) 2018 St Mary’s GJFC Jordan Bellissimo
Colts TOY St Mary’s GJFC Hayden Bolzon
Under 11 Red 2018 St Mary’s GJFC Marley Brown
Under 11 Red 2018 St Mary’s GJFC Max Brown
Under 12 Gold 2018 St Mary’s GJFC Ethan Cail
MJC St Mary’s GJFC Amy Clayton
Colts (1) 2018 St Mary’s GJFC Zane Costello
Colts TOY St Mary’s GJFC Domenic Di Giandomenico
Youth Girls (1) 2018 St Mary’s GJFC Grace Dicker
Under 11 Brown 2018 St Mary’s GJFC Tom Eames
Under 12 Black 2018 St Mary’s GJFC Connor Finnin
Under 16 Girls (1) 2018 St Mary’s GJFC Jessica Fitzgerald
Under 12 Black 2018 St Mary’s GJFC Trent Gipp
Under 15 Girls (1) 2018 St Mary’s GJFC Megan Girolami
Colts (1) 2018 St Mary’s GJFC Thomas Hardy
YouthGirlsTOY St Mary’s GJFC Jessie Hulett
YouthGirlsTOY St Mary’s GJFC Sarah Johnston
Under 12 Gold 2018 St Mary’s GJFC Ty Kitchell
Under 11 Red 2018 St Mary’s GJFC joshua lombardo
Youth Girls (1) 2018 St Mary’s GJFC Brigid McEntee
Under 16 Girls (1) 2018 St Marys GJFC Trinity Mills
Under 14 Blue 2018 St Mary;’s GJFC Luke Phelan
Under 16 Girls (1) 2018 St Mary’s GJFC Lilly Primerano
Under 15 (1) 2018 St Mary’s GJFC Marcus Prosperi-Porta
Colts (1) 2018 St Mary’s GJFC Rhys Rigoni
YouthGirlsTOY St Mary’s GJFC Sarah Sansonetti
Under 15 Girls (1) 2018 St Mary’s GJFC Jessica Simpson
Under 12 Black 2018 St Mary’s GJFC Samuel Stephens
Under 14 Gold 2018 St Mary’s GJFC Jonathan Tomasiello
Under 15 (1) 2018 St Mary’s GJFC Rory Williams
Colts (1) 2018 St Mary’s GJFC Jameson Wood
Under 15 (1) 2018 St Mary’s GJFC Jace Zahra

Our Burra skills sessions at the start of the 2018 season were a great success and these will be rolled out again towards the end of the year and into the new year.

Our tackers level was a great success in 2018 extending from three to four teams ensuring the future of the club is in a great space.

The Girls program continues to go from strength to strength and its fantastic to see them enjoying their chosen sport from week to week.

The future of the club is a bright one, see you all in 2019.

Brenton Kinnear
Football Director

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