Dear Members,

The Committee continues working in preparation in what will be another exciting 2012 year at St Marys GJFC. Our new club email address is All correspondence is now to be forwarded to this email address.

The club would like to thank all applicants that applied to Coach for 2012 season. All worthy candidates. Congratulation to all the following Coaches that have been appointed for the 2012 season.


  • Colts 1: Tony Norris
  • Colts 2: Damian Kett
  • Colts 3: TBC
  • Colts 4: TBC
  • 15 Gold: Glenn Turner
  • 15 Green: Mark Yeomans
  • 15 Black: Tim Bell
  • 14 Gold: Tim Shea
  • 14 Green: TBC
  • 14 Blue: TBC
  • 13 Brown: Paul Honey
  • 13 Green: TBC
  • 13 Blue: TBC
  • 13 Black: Maurice Bagnara
  • 12 Gold: Paul Rutland
  • 12 Brown: Steven Phelp
  • 12 Black: Craig Peacock
  • 11 Gold: Rob Bolzon
  • 11 Blue: Jack Batchelor
  • 11 Black: TBC
  • 10 Gold: Blair Mitchell
  • 10 Green: Michael Mefflin
  • 10 Blue: Paul Tobin
  • 9 Tackers Teal : Grant Hannington
  • 9 Tackers Black: Tony Norris
  • 9 Tackers White: TBC



St Marys Youth Girls Team

We are very pleased to announce that 2012 the club will also be taking registrations for our first ever Youth Girls Team. Girls between 13 & 18 years of age will now have the opportunity to wear our proud jumper in the YJFL youth girls competition. Information to follow early next year.


Registation day 2012: February 12 at Whatmough Park rooms.

You will all receive by mail all forms and relevant paper work early February to bring along.

Any new players wanting to join our great club are welcome to attend.

Round 1 – April 1.


On behalf of the Executive Committee we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas.
Enjoy the holiday season and we look forward in seeing you all very soon.

Sam Gioffre
St Mary’s GJFC