Dear St Marys GJFC Members,


St Marys Code of Conduct.

At this the mid season break, it is an opportune time to remind all members that we have a responsibility to our kids, the club and the greater community to act in a way the reflects the standards we as parents should be setting and how we want our club to be viewed.

Respect is the cornerstone of what builds a successful club.  This involves not only respect for your coaches, your team, your parents, club officials and the umpires but also opposition sides and their members.

As we all know junior footy is primarily run by volunteers and is based on participation, fun and the opportunity to grow as individuals.  Unfortunately passion sometimes gets the better of us and the desire to win can cloud our judgement, actions and language.  At no stage are members to take matters into their own hands.  All issues should be dealt with via official club channels.  If there is an incident that you believe requires attention please alert the appropriate committee member.  All details can be found on the club website or App.

Umpiring is an area of football that often creates the most discussion.  The league is doing a fantastic job at recruiting umpires and has had a large intake of first year umpires in 2014.  These new umpires are easy to recognise as they wear a bright green uniform.  The club will not tolerate abuse of any league official and we ask members to give particularly these new umpires encouragement and positive feedback as they learn their craft.  Remember without umpires we do not have a game.  They are an integral part of the league and should be shown the utmost respect at all times.

We ask all members to remember that this is JUNIOR footy and as a club we have policies and procedures in place designed to deal with issues as they arise.  If members are found to have breached the Club Code of Conduct, these polices will be strictly enforced.

Enjoy the second half of the season and Go Burra.


Andrew Sacco


St Marys GJFC