On behalf of the Executive Committee, I am proud to present the 39th St Marys GJFC Annual Report for the year ending 30th September 2011.

The role as President has once again been an extremely demanding, interesting and most rewarding experience now in my second year as President of the St Marys GJFC.

The dedication of our Executive Committee has continued the great work of past Executive Committee Members ensuring that our great club continues to grow both on and off the field which makes our great club second to none and the envy of others in what is truly a family football club.

A sincere thank you to all our Age Group Managers, Coaches, Team Managers and their support staff along with Head Coaching Director Mark Stanley and Football Director Bernie Girolami. They have dedicated their time and have put in a tireless amount of work during the season to ensure that all our children are doing what they love most – playing footy. A great job and greatly appreciated by the entire club.

563 registered players fielding 24 teams this year has been a huge task to manage. Our proud club does not measure success by how many Premierships we win, our success is measured by giving all our children no matter their ability, the opportunity to play football, be a part of team sport, build long life friendships and more importantly build their self esteem as children and teenagers.

With these key principals, the St Marys GJFC has once again, enjoyed a successful 2011 season.

An added bonus to this is that with 21 competitive teams in the home and away season – 10 teams resulted in playing in this year’s finals – a tremendous effort for our club.

Having 3 teams playing off in this year’s Grand Final was a fantastic effort.

Congratulations to Under 10 Gold and Under 14 Green who are this year’s Premiership winning teams.

I would like to congratulate all our players who received awards at the YJFL Best and Fairest. Also to all our players that were selected in the YJFL representative teams a tremendous effort and fantastic achievement.

Congratulations to Life Members inductees’ Greg & Karen Norden and Chris & Helen Desmond. They are worthy inductees for their contribution over a number of years to our great club.

The football club is in a sound financial state moving forward. Now with the redevelopment complete and all fixtures purchased, we can look forward to a successful 2012.

The registration fees next season will remain the same as this year being,
First child $110.00, second child $55.00; third child $20.00 fourth child is free.
Match fees remain the same at $90.00.

This year a record amount was spent on free merchandise which all 563 registered players received on registration day. Money well spent.

Next season the club will once again provide free merchandise on registration day in the way of a newly designed hoddie and a choice of a cap or beanie to all registered players. Polo tops & jackets are also on order and can be purchased from the club. Special mention to Property Director Debbie Costello for all her work in organising the huge amount of merchandise for our club.

This would not be possible without the generous support from all our Major, Club and Team Sponsors.

Special mention to Technika, Stuart Broadley and Associates, MGS Landscape and One Stop Plant Hire for the huge contribution as our Major Sponsors for 2011.

On behalf of the entire club we thank all our sponsors and look forward to the continued support that ultimately is for all our kids. Thank you once again, it is greatly appreciated.

We have all now seen firsthand the amazing new transformation to our social and change rooms that we have all enjoyed this year.

Once again thank you to Phil Cattenazzi for all the work he has put in to oversee the development of our Pavillion. The junior club is proud and in recognition of his work, the club has formerly named our bar, ‘The Phil Cattenazzi Bar’.

I would also like to acknowledge the tremendous support and close relationship that we have with the Yarra Junior Football League, Banyule City Council, Watsonia Football Club, and the Riverside Cricket Club. It is imperative that a club our size maintains a strong and committed relationship with these organisations and we have once again achieved this and look forward in continuing these relationships.

This year the club decided to open the rooms for the first time every Friday night for all our members that are unable to attend Sunday night and for those that just wanted to get along and enjoy a meal watching the footy on the big screen and also enjoy the new facilities. A lot of planning and work went into these nights and I would like to thank Andrew and Chris Sacco, Bernie Girolami and Danni Gioffre who were there every Friday night along with being there every Sunday for the benefit and enjoyment of our members.

Thank you to all the people that also helped every Sunday night. A tremendous amount of work is required to keep these nights going and without the extra help from our members these nights would not be the success that they are.

We are excited that over the past few months the club has been working on our new website that we hope will be finalised in the next few weeks. All information will be up to date and will be a much user friendly site which has been way overdue. Special thank you to Danni Gioffre who has put in a lot of time and effort towards this.

I must personally thank along with the entire football club and acknowledge our Secretary Andrew Sacco for the amazing work he has again contributed this year. Andrew with the support of his family has dedicated countless hours over the season ensuring that the club continues to function in the professional manner that we are all accustomed to. Andrew’s work has been a key and critical part of this year success to all he has done. In his second year as Secretary, has been outstanding.

Vice President Dave Harris has also been a vital member in this year’s success whose work and support has been unquestionable. His passion and dedication is second to none.

I must acknowledge Chris Sacco who this in her first year as Sponsorship Director has been remarkable. Chris’s work not only in sponsorship but also in fundraising has brought these important roles to another level.

This year’s social events have been bigger and better than ever. A big success due Social Director Jon Benson and the support of Chris Sacco.

Also, first year in a very important role is Treasurer Even Butterworth, who has put in a huge amount of work ensuring that all finances have been accounted for and has been exceptional.

To the Executive Committee – a group of people that are passionate and have worked tirelessly throughout the season. At all times, they have had the club’s best interest first and foremost. At times it has been very testing and time consuming, however, the Executive Committee have performed an outstanding job and I am privileged to be apart and associated with an amazing team of people. They must be totally commended for all their hard work and efforts.

Executive Committee 2011.

Vice President – Dave Harris
Secretary – Andrew Sacco
Treasurer – Even Butterworth
Registration Director – Lynne Yates
League Director – Livio Basile
Coaching Director – Mark Stanley
Football Director – Bernie Girolami
Football Director – Walter Ferronato
Property Director – Debbie Costello
Social Director – Jon Benson
Sponsorship Director – Chris Sacco

To Lynne Yates, Walter Ferronato and Livio Basile, who will be stepping down from the Executive Committee, we sincerely thank you for the amazing work and dedication you have brought to our club over the years which is greatly appreciated.

Special mention to Paul Millet Club’s Conduct Officer, who thankfully only had a couple of issues during the season which were handled impeccably.

To our canteen staff, bar staff and grounds team thank you once again for all the work you put in – your tireless work is greatly appreciate by all.

Our Senior Club now in its third year on the field, they have done an amazing job in their short history. The seniors are in great hands with a dedicated and enthusiastic Executive Committee and will continue to grow in true St Marys sprit and will be a force as a Senior Football Club.

This year the junior club supported the senior club with regards to the use of the social rooms every Thursday and Saturday nights during the course of the season.
The senior club contributed to half of our share of expenses of all fixtures purchased along with their part share of expenses to the day to day running of the football club.

The relationship between both the junior and senior club has been a success which both clubs look forward in continuing and developing.

The junior club whilst in full support of the senior club will at no stage make decisions that will impact or be the detriment to the junior club.

Both clubs are and will continue to operate as two separate clubs.

In closing, I would like to thank my wife Danni and two boys Dylan and Nathan for their encouragement, support and their enthusiasm in what has been another challenging year.

Thank you to you all for your kind emails and warm wishes during the course of the year, which I am grateful for.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my role as President of our great football club. The most enjoyable aspect for me was to be a part and getting to know such quality people that are you, all the members of the St Marys GJFC.

I wish you all the very best for the remainder of 2011 and look forward in being a part of another successfully and enjoyable 2012 season.


Sam Gioffre
St Marys GJFC