May I start this report with a gigantic thank you to everyone in the club for another successful and enjoyable year of football and community spirit.

Players, Parents, Relatives, Friends, Coaches, Volunteers and Committee Members – you have all contributed in ensuring the club reaps the successes and enjoyment both on and off the field.

I cannot stress the importance of being in an organisation that relies so heavily on the selfless deeds of so many volunteers to ensure we are the best Junior Football Club we can be. To everyone who has contributed, big or small, your contribution has by no means been an insignificant one.

I must admit my first year as Secretary was an eye opener and much more work than I anticipated (thanks Terry), however it has been a very rewarding experience none the less.

I will not bore you all by reflecting on all the events held over the year (I’ll let the Prez do that), I would however like to highlight the success and birth of the St Marys Greensborough Junior Football Club Website ‘’

I think everyone will agree it has been a fantastic success and has elevated us to the fore in club news and match day results. Thank you to Terry Derham and Chris Freeman for their dedication and enthusiasm in ensuring that the website, and it’s design, were transformed from ideas to reality and also for leading a dedicated team to develop it in time for the commencement of the football year.

Supporting the success of the website is the fact we averaged over 3,000 hits per month, with May recording a high of 4,175 hits. I would also like to sincerely thank Trudi Selleck from Blue Square Design for her on going support throughout the year and management of the website and also to Phil and Cathy Cattenazzi for the tireless efforts in updating the site regularly each week.

Next year we hope to improve on our communication processes and club updates even further. Amongst other issues, information relating to insurance and personal injury claims will be available on the club website including links to the Leagues Insurance Provider(JLT Sports) and how to download a claim form. The committee have already decided that the level of insurance coverage for 2006 will be reviewed and, with the website an excellent means of communication, all details will be available for easy access.

The club also is continuing it’s negotiations with both the Riverside Cricket Club and Banyule City Council with the development of the surrounding pathways around the clubrooms and the terracing of the viewing area immediately in front of the canteen. We are also attempting to source funding for the overall development of the clubrooms both upstairs and downstairs to enhance our social area as well as the change rooms.

These projects have been agenda items for many years, with all of our requests for funding so far being declined. We will however continue to move forward and continue negotiating for funding both at Council and State levels to ensure St Mary’s is providing the best facilities for it’s players and members.

Dialogue has also begun with Council to secure a third permanent home ground in the local area for match days and training requirements. With some 500 registered players in 2005, and the potential of growing again next year and beyond, it is important that this issue be resolved with Council as soon as possible. Stay tuned.

At this point I would like to thank the tireless efforts of the outgoing President, Livio Basile. Livio as you would be aware is always first at the clubrooms be it game day or a social function and often last to leave. The organisation required to ensure everything falls into place is a credit to Livio and indeed a benefit that will be sorely missed around the club.

I also would like to thank retiring Treasurer Tony Seneca for his dedication in administering the club’s financial matters during his 4 years as Treasurer.

Finally thank you to everyone who has given me assistance during the year and to the members who make the club the great club that it is.

Tom Chapman