bylaws1. All players must be Financial Members and registered with St. Mary’s Greensborough Junior Football Club, prior to being able to represent the club.

2. St. Mary’s Greensborough Junior Football Club Executive Committee has the right to enforce penalties on any official, player or member of the Club for misbehaviour on or off the playing arena.

3. The coach of each team will be responsible for the appointments of officials to his or her team and will be responsible for the conduct and appearance of his/her team.

4. Each team shall have:

  • 1 RUNNER

5. Team officials will ensure that all footballs and associated equipment is returned and secured safely after training and that clubrooms are left tidy on match day. Can you also please ensure that any rubbish is collected and placed in bins.

6. All jumpers are the property of the Club and must be returned to your Team Manager at the end of the season.

7. All keys to the clubrooms will be returned to the Secretary after final matches.

8. Any damage to the interior of the clubrooms (due to foolish behaviour), will be repaired and paid for by the offenders.

9. Officials of each team will receive a list of fines that can be imposed by the Y.J.F.L. All officials are to ensure that they are familiar with the list to avoid the Club being fined.

10. Coaches and Team Managers will inform parents of players that the Club is not responsible for any medical or ambulance accounts. All members of St. Mary’s Greensborough Junior Football Club are covered by accident insurance through the governing football body.

11. No St Mary’s player shall play more than one game on any Sunday. If a team is short of players they must advise their age group manager at training who will then even up the team numbers within that age group for that week. If any team is still short of players then they must implement the YJFL even up rule and notify the opposition team manager prior to the game.

12. No alcohol will be consumed until after all games have been played, any player or official seen consuming any alcoholic beverage during matches will be dealt with by the Executive Committee.

13. Votes of each teams’ fairest and best will be put into an envelope and sealed after each game and handed to the Secretary at the completion of each round of home and away games. The coach must vote after each match whilst the remaining voting forms are to be shared equally amongst other team officials and parents.

14. We will extend our competitive team balance policy so that it will apply in each age group from Under 10 to 15 inclusive. Teams will be be reviewed and reselected if necessary each year to ensure there is an appropriate competitive balance. Colts will be graded by a 7 person selection panel.

15. Any team in each age group, will not have interchange players, during the home and away season, unless the other teams in the age group have 18 players.

16. Any players may be rotated or transferred between teams under the control of the football department, if they believe it appropriate or to ensure teams are competitive.

17. Player Cap Policy
It is the policy of the club that we will only ever have a maximum of 4 teams in each competitive age group (Ideally one team per division) and a maximum of 24 players per team x 4 teams giving us a cap of 96 players per age group. (Exclude Tackers and Colts teams)

18. Age Group Policy

It is the preferred policy of the Club and the Y.J.F.L. that all players play within their age group. Current players who have been playing outside their age group will now be encouraged to revert to their correct age level. The Club recognises that some children wish to play in an older team and under very special circumstances “The Executive” may consider an exception to this policy.

19. Best & Fairest Policy

Any player, who wins a first Best & Fairest Award, shall be given the choice to play in the next highest grade for the following season. The Football department must be notified of the player’s decision prior to the commencement of pre-season training.

20. Teams Within Same Division Policy

Under no circumstances will any St. Mary’s teams compete within the same division in any age group unless specifically directed by the Yarra Junior Football League or after the grading games are completed in Round 4.

21. Players Rostering Off Policy

If a team has more than 24 players available, some players may be rostered off. An equitable roster system will be devised by the coach in association with the football department, with no player to be Rostered off twice before any other player has been rostered off once.

22. Coaching Tenure Policy

Coaches will have a maximum of two consecutive years tenure in any one age group. However, this policy can be reviewed by the Executive Committee should no suitable applicant be obtained for the following season.

23. Player Rotation Policy

  • At any time up to Round 12 during the football season the Executive Committee may implement a player rotation system within a particular age group.
  • The football department will liaise with the individual coaches and implement a system whereby up to 4 players from each team will rotate on selected weeks.
  • The players will be rotated on a totally equitable basis and it will be expected for all players to play and train with their nominated side for that particular week.
  • This policy is designed to be fair for all involved. It has also been proven in previous seasons to provide all players with a positive experience, playing and training with other children, making new friends, whilst engendering in all St Mary’s teams “a one in all in” Club philosophy.

24. Player Game Time Policy

The Club will endeavour to provide three quarters of game time for all players throughout the majority of the home and away season. During finals a minimum of two quarters shall apply.

Coaches should also endeavour to play all players in a variety of positions throughout the home an away season, teaching players the various positional requirements, disciplines and versatility necessary for today’s modern game.

25. Fill In Player Policy

Home and Away Season
(a) As per Y.J.F.L. rule 6.4.2 no player can play more than one game in the same age group during any round.

(b) No individual player from a lower age group will be allowed to fill in a higher age group.

(c) Any team playing finals will have no less than 20 players available to them.

(d) If a team has less than 20 available players for finals, the executive will present a list of players from the same age group to the league for approval.

(e) Where no players from the same age group are available, or approved by the league, the executive will submit appropriate players from the next lower age group.

(f) Where players from other divisions of same age group or players from another age group are approved to fill in for finals, those players will not have more game time than any regular player from that team (excepting injury).

(g) No player from any other team will be considered for finals if the team has 20 or more regular players available (22 players for U/14 and above).

26. Grievance Policy

Players, parents and team officials are encourage to discuss and resolve any issue that may arise. However if a particular issue cannot be resolved amicably then the aggrieved party should contact the relevant age group manager who will attempt to resolve the issue. If the issue still remains unresolved then the age group manager will notify the president and committee.

St Marys G.J.F.C. Code of Conduct

It is important to remind all club officials, Coaches, Players and Supporters that there is an expected level of conduct during a game. St Mary’s has a proud history in setting high standards in particular how we conduct ourselves on game day. Please ensure you read the following Codes of Conduct carefully. The League will be working alot harder this year in monitoring the conduct of all teams on match day.

Read the YJFL Codes of Conduct

Any member who breeches any of the above code of conduct will be required to attend a conduct hearing. The conduct panel will be independent and include current or ex-presidents/secretaries of the club. The 3 person panel will determine what if any disciplinary action should be taken and will advise the member in writing of their decision.