As a coach these are your five main objectives:


o Teach the basic fundamentals of the game
o Basic skills kick, mark and handball
o Tactical skills defence and attack midfield teamwork set plays- Game plan/style
o Making decisions in game situations
o Teamwork and problem solving
o Unstructured play


o Session Plans for training and Game day before and after game and especially  between breaks
o Effective communication
o Design training agendas
o Skill objectives and general game plans
o Summary match reports
o Coaching diary’s
o Assistants from coaching panel game day and training


o Quality instruction, clear and precise to players and parents
o Understand their role
o Open to feedback constructive criticism
o Approachable to players parents and committee

Role Model

o lead by good example, direction and leadership
o promote best practise
o Strive to do your best under any circumstance
o Fair and honest in dealing with your players
o respectful


o Develop your young players
o Encouragement
o Rapport with players know their outside interest
o Positive and fun
o Goal setting as a team Qtr by Qtr
o Understand their behaviours
o Welfare/social management
o Evaluate your own performance