This document outlines the Competitive Balance & Grading Policy for the St Marys Greensborough Junior Football Club (SMGJFC)




Under 8 to Under 12 age groups inclusive, the SMGJFC encourages all players to play with friends and schoolmates, subject to ensuring adequate numbers on all team lists.  The SMGJFC will adopt a “Competitive Balance Policy” for these age groups.

Under 13 to Under 17 (Colts) age groups inclusive, the SMGJFC reserves the right to grade teams and players to the best of its ability to provide an environment in which players can be both competitive and continue to develop their football skills.  The SMGJFC will adopt a “Grading Policy” for these age groups.


Under 8 to Under 12 Age Groups

In these age groups the SMGJFC will adopt a “Competitive Balance Policy” where the emphasis will be placed on participation with friends and enjoyment.  Additional goals are the acquisition of football skills and playing in a team environment.

Where there are two or more sides in the same age group the sides will be spread across the divisions of the YJFL.  The clubs Football Department will assist the Coaches in selecting the appropriate division.  

Under 13 to Under 17 (Colts) Age Groups

The SMGJFC will provide all players from Under 13 to Under 17 (Colts) the opportunity to develop their football skills and play in the highest level within the YJFL.  The SMGJFC will do this by grading players and teams to ensure they play at the most appropriate level.

A greater emphasis is placed upon individual and team performances.

Where there is a single side in any age group selection of the side is the responsibility of the appointed Coach, Age Group Manager and the Football Department.  The clubs Football Department will assist in placing the team in the most appropriate division within the YJFL.

Where two sides are formed in the same age group there should be even numbers selected for these teams. Team selection will be based on the SMGJFC Grading Policy.

Whilst one team may have a more advanced list of players the Club will endeavour to ensure that both teams will be as competitive as possible in their respective divisions.


Grading Process Flowchart


The Grading process includes:-

  • Information sessions
  • Selection panel
  • Training sessions
  • Match practice
  • Initial Team selection
  • Communication to players
  • Player movement
  • Final Team Selection   


Information Session

Information session for players and parents will be conducted at the start of each season to clarify both the SMGJFC Grading Policy and Grading Process.  This is important for the Under 13 teams as it will be their first year of grading.

Selection Panel

A selection panel will be formed for each year level from Under 13 to Under 17 (Colts). The panel will consist of team Coaches, Age Group Managers, the Football Department plus one or two experienced / qualified persons that are independent from the team. A person can be on more than one Selection panel.  

Training Sessions

Training sessions will be made available for players who wish to be considered for selection to higher level teams.  The selection panel will observe and assess areas such as football skills, attitude, work ethic, attendance to training sessions along with the player’s performances during the previous season and seasons. Other criteria may be used as required.

Match Practice

Match practice will be used to assess and observe the players football skills, ability to read the play, work ethic, ability to follow instructions and playing within a team. 

Players will be played in a variety of positions to determine the best options for both player and team.  Other criteria may be used as required.

Initial Team Selection

The initial Team selection will be made after consideration to the player’s performance at the training sessions and practice matches.  The selection panel may also use other information that will assist selection like previous years performances.   

Communication to Players

Players will be formally advised in writing or via a meeting which team they have been selected in.

If a player is unhappy with the selection process they can raise the issue in writing to the clubs Football Department.


Movement of Players

Players can be rotated between sides in the same age group for up to the first 4 rounds of each season.  Note this is a rule that the YJFL has promoted to ensure players have the opportunity to play at the most appropriate level within the competition.

Please refer to the YJFL Player Grading Policy. 

Final Team Selection

After week four in the season all teams are finalised and no further changes can take place.

The Club appreciates that there may be extenuating circumstances, and that some players may wish to be in a particular side.  Such requests should be made in writing to the appropriate selection panel or to the clubs Football Department.