Brett Hancock
Team Manager:
Anthony Theunissen
Age Group Manager:
Anthony Theunissen
Training Times:
Tuesday 4:30-6:00pm Greensborough Park

Round 1 - 04/12/2015

St Mary's Under 10 - 2015 Under 10 - Brown ..0 vs. Heidelberg ..0

Today we travelled to Heidelberg to play what looked like a bigger and stronger team; and the scoreboard reflected this at quarter time. However, after quarter time Nicko, Ben and Maverick put the ball to our teams advantage while playing in the ruck and Max M, Keanu and Anthony led the way with their great ball movement. Jack T and Ben F made the most of it by finding space and creating exciting link play, while Sean laid some amazing tackles to keep the pressure on Heidelberg when they had the ball. In the finish the result was a positive one for a team playing their second only game together, with every player contributing to what was a fantastic team performance.

Goal Kickers:

Max Mc (2), Maverick, Keanu, Nick, Hudson, Ben W (1

Best Players:

Keanu, Max M, Hudson, Anthony


Captain. Ben Files Red Hot Go Award (RHG) Keanu Opposition Encouragement Award Max P


Thanks to all the parent volunteers today. You all did and AMAZING job…..because it is not often that the Team Manager turns up LATE (after going to the wrong ground and sitting there for an hour before realising), and then gets ‘swamped’ by parents eager to get their bibs, coats and flags etc. and get stuck into it…….what a fantastic display of TEAM WORK both on and off the field today…..let’s keep it up.