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Team Manager:
Ray Johnson 0457 620 844
Age Group Manager:
Mark Hardy 0438 650 021
Training Times:
Wednesday 6:00-7:30 Greensborough Park Friday 6:00-7:30 Whatmough Park

Round 4 - 05/03/2015

St Mary's Under 14 - 2015 Under 14 - Gold 19.16.130 vs. Glen Iris 4.2.26

Excellent win today and a great confidece booster. We took control of the game right from the first bounce. I emphasised switching and hanball receives and the stats at the end of the day was phenominal. 60 handball receives was an excellent result. Our ball movement was the best so far for the year resulting in many scoring opportunities. The boys showed some great commitment and stuck to the task all day ,resulting in a huge win. Well done boys. Again apoligies to our 19th goal scorer this ipad app is not showing up the right details,must be a bug in the system.

Goal Kickers:

9 k.Johnson , 5 Ciccita, 2 J.Davies , 1 S.Philp , 1 J.Smith

Best Players:

J.Smith, J.Murphy, S.Kamolins, k.Johnson, J.Cicitta