Under 10's - Brown Proudly Sponsored By - Sculli Bros. Growers Fresh Coach - Maurice Bagnarra 0439 345 300 Team Manager - Peter Tsalkos 0418 666 222 Training Times - Friday, 4.45 - 6.00pm, Greensborough Park    
Round 1- 29/4/2007 St Mary's 7.5.47 - v - Hawth.Citz 7.10.52
To have only trained 3 nights, I thought we played well. We played 4 quarters of hard footy, only to be run down in the last quarter by a team that combined well. We will improve.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Mark Ferraro 2 Aaron Marks, Bailey Rodda, Nathan Brayley, Nick Reeves-Smyth, Jake Smyth - 1 each. Mark Ferraro, Bailey Rodda, Lachlan O'Brien, Grant Turner, Jake Smyth
Round 2 - 6/5/2007 St Mary's 6.9.45 - v - Surrey Park 4.5.29
We went into the game with a set game plan. We played 3 fantastic quarters, losing a bit of concentration in the last; highlighting that we need to play four full quarters.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Bailey Rodda, Jake Sharples, Nicholas Reeves-Smyth, Mark Ferraro, Jake Smyth, Lachlan O'Brien. Jake Sharples & Jake Smyth on inspiring the team to a great victory with their leadership.
Round 3 - 13/5/2007 St Mary's 8.11.59 - v - Kew Rovers 5.1.31
We went into the game with a focus on the "one percenters", tackling and shepherding, and looking after their teammates. After playing a great first half, we lowered our guard a little bit in the third. After re-grouping at three-quarter time, to the boys credit, we took the game up a notch and had a convincing win.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Lucas Camuncoli - 3 Nathaniel Corbin - 2 Grant Turner, Bailey Rodda, Nicholas Reeves-Smyth - 1 each Chris Brown, Nathaniel Corbin, Grant Turner, Anthony Bagnara, Nathan Tsalkos, Lachlan O'Brin, Lucas Camuncoli, Nicholas Reeves-Smyth, Bailey Rodda. To Lachlan O'Brien & Bailey Rodda for their leadership in the last quarter.
Round 4 - 20/5/2007 St Mary's 4.7.31 - v - Canterbury 5.6.36
The first half turned out to be a hard fought struggle, dominated by fierce tackling. In the third quarter, the opposition came out and caught us by surprise, by kicking 4 goals, putting pressure on us going into the last. In the last quarter, to the boys credit, we took the game up to Canterbury and went down fighting, only losing by 5 points.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Bailey Rodda 2 Aaron Marks & Lachlan O'Brien - 1 each. Jake Sharples, Michael Carr, Nathan Brayley, Anthony Bagnara, Mitchell Caton, Grant Turner, Nicholas Reeves-Smyth, Mark Ferraro, Bailey Rodda, Luke Belvedere. To Nathan Brayley & Aaron Marks, for their leadeship in the last quarter. Ryan Matlioski on his debut game.
Round 5 - 27/5/2007 St Mary's 1.2.8 - v - Surrey Park 4.5.29
Due to blustery conditions, our skill levels were down on the day. For three quarters we struggled, due to the pressure put on us by the opposition, who ran in numbers. Today was a good lesson for us to learn to work as a unit, as it was the first game we really lowered our colours. Our last quarter effort displayed that we can work as a team and hopefully, we can take that into next week's game.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Bailey Rodda - 1 Ryan Matlioski, Bailey Rodda, Julian Cannizzaro, Nathan Brayley, Michael Carr, Aaron Marks, Lucas Camuncoli, Jake Smyth, James Lowe, Nathan Tsalkos, Anthony Bagnara, Nicholas Reeves-Smyth. Captains: Michael Carr & Chris Brown - for their determination and encouraging words.
Round 6 - 3/6/2007 St Mary's 12.10.82 - v - Bundoora 1.0.6
The boys trained sharply on Friday night and it reflected in the way they played against Bundoora. They showed they can play out a full game of four quarters, and displayed great teamwork, including hand-balling, shepherding and great passing. From here on, we need to look forward to the next few games and really cement our place in the top four. An all round fantastic effort by all the boys. Keep it up!
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Bailey Rodda, Anthony Bagnara, Nathaniel Corbin, Mark Ferraro - 2 each. Nathan Brayley, Lachlan O'Brien, David Camuncoli, Nicholas Reeves-Smyth - 1 each. James Lowe, Mark Ferraro, Grant Turner, Lachlan O'Brien, Michael Carr, Nathan Tsalkos, Bailey Rodda, David Camuncoli. To Grant Turner & Nathan Tsalkos, for inspiring the team to a great win; and to Jake Sharples, Aaron Marks, David Camuncoli and Bailey Rodda for their effort in helping Bundoora.
Please confirm your bookings for the Dinner Dance to Peter Tsalkos.
Round 7 - 17/6/2007 St Mary's 8.10.58 - v - Fitzroy 2.5.17
From the initial bounce, the boys were focused and displayed all the things we discussed and practised on Friday night at training. Once again our fierce tackling, smothering, handballing and all round teamwork was second to none. Today we showed that we are a team to be taken seriously and when we are playing well, we will be a hard team to beat. Looking forward with excitement to our next challenge. Keep it up boys. An all round team effort!
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Nicholas Reeves-Smyth - 4 goals Lachlan O'Brien, Bailey Rodda, James Lowe, Mark Ferraro - 1 each. Nicholas Reeves-Smyth, Lachlan O'Brien, Mark Ferraro, Aaron Marks, Jake Sharples, Grant Turner, Lucas Camuncoli, Anthony Bagnara, Michael Carr. To Mark Ferraro & James Lowe for leading the team to the best win all season.
Training is at 4.45pm sharp.
Round 8 - 24/6/2007 St Mary's 3.4.22 - v - St Damians 2.3.15
Today we dedicated the game to the "Clash For Cancer" cause. We went into the game with the knowledge that St Damians were going to be a hard team to beat. At half time, we were down by 2 goals but we were not going to be intimidated and through sheer determination, we turned the game around in the second half and came away with a memorable win. Once again it shows teamwork and pressure play a big factor in winning games. Again, an all round team effort. Keep up the good work boys!
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Jake Smyth, David Camuncoli, Nicholas Reeves-Smyth. David Camuncoli, Grant Turner, Anthony Bagnara, Jake Smyth, Aaron Marks, Bailey Rodda, Chris Brown, Lucas Camuncoli, Nathan Tsalkos, Nathaniel Corbin, Mitchell Caton, Michael Carr. To Nathaniel Corbin & Julian Cannizzaro for leading the team to a hard fought win.
Training at 4.45pm sharp.
Round 9 - 1/7/2007 St Mary's 4.6.30 - v - Canterbury 1.10.16
The first half turned out to be a hard fought struggle in muddy conditions, with our backline under extreme pressure. To their credit, they kept the opposition goal-less. In the second half, we took the game up to the next level, constantly moving the ball forward, resulting in a couple of hard fought goals. In the last quarter, our spirits were up and our desperation and teamwork were a telling factor in yet another memorable victory. Let's have a well-earned break and continue to perform at our best! Well done boys! Keep up the good work!
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Bailey Rodda - 3 goals Lucas Camuncoli - 1 goal. Mitchell Caton, Luke Belvedere, Chris Brown, Bailey Rodda, Grant Turner, Nicholas Reeves-Smyth, James Lowe, Nathaniel Corbin, Michael Carr, Mark Ferraro, Jake Smyth, Anthony Bagnara. To Lucas Camuncoli & David Camuncoli for leading the team to a hard fought win.
No training or game next week. We resume training on the 13-07-07, at 4.45pm sharp. See you there.
Round 10 - 15/7/2007 St Mary's 16.11.108 - v - Kew Rovers 0.4.4
From the inital bounce, the boys were focused and at the top of their game. The ruck division and midfield really worked hard, and it showed. Our skill level and teamwork was, once again, a highlight. Our first three quarters were a well balanced effort. But it wasn't until the last quarter that we really dominated, with an 8 goal burst. Our defenders also did a fantastic job, keeping the opposition to only 3 behinds. It was an awesome effort by all the boys. Keep up the good work.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Lucas Camuncoli, Lachlan O'Brien, Nicholas Reeves-Smyth - 3 goals each Anthony Bagnara - 2 goals Nathaniel Corbin, Ryan Matlioski, Grant Turner, David Camuncoli, Aaron Marks - 1 goal each Very difficult to single out individual players. Once again, an all round "TEAM EFFORT". To Anthony Bagnara and Luke Belvedere, on inspiring the team to a very impressive win.
Training at 4.45pm sharp. Be there! Best wishes to Rob Carr on a speedy recovery.
Round 11 - 22/7/2007 St Marys 8.15.63 - v - Park Orchards 2.0.12
In sunny, cold conditions, the opposition team had come to play hard football, kicking the only goal for the quarter and leaving us with no score on the board, and with plenty to think about. We regrouped and played much better, kicking 2 goals in the second quarter. It wasn't until the second half, that we played good consistent football and played as a team. A lesson that we have all learnt, is that we never take any team too lightly, and never underestimate the pressure that can be put on us. A good win, but we must play good hard footy for four quarters. Great effort by everyone. Well Done!
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Mark Ferraro - 4 goals Anthony Bagnara - 2 goals Lachlan O'Brien, Michael Carr - 1 each. Mitch Caton, James Lowe, Aaron Marks, Jake Smyth, Michael Carr, Nathan Tsalkos, Mark Ferraro, David Camuncoli, Nathaniel Corbin, Anthony Bagnara, Nicholas Reeves-Smyth, Grant Turner. To Nathan Brayley, Mitchell Caton and Aaron Marks, for getting the boys over the line in a hard fought win.
Training at 4.45pm sharp. Best wishes to Nathan Brayley on a speedy recovery.
Round 12 - 29/7/2007 St Mary's 11.11.77 - v - Bundoora 0.0.0
We went into the game focused and determined to consolidate our position on the ladder. In a scrappy game, we continually pushed forward and scored freely, but didn't kick as many goals as we should have. However, it wasn't until the second half, that our attack on the ball and detemination really paid off. Again we have proved that teamwork is important to winning games, and remember boys - when we cross the white line, we lock arms and go out as a well-oiled machine, so powerful that it will not be broken. Well done boys. Keep it up! Let's focus next week against Surrey Park.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Lucas Camuncoli, Jake Sharples, Nicholas Reeves-Smyth, Lachlan O'Brien - 2 each Michael Carr, Mark Ferraro, Nathaniel Corbin - 1 each Mark Ferraro, Nicholas Reeves-Smyth, James Lowe, Anthony Bagnara, Jake Sharples, Jake Smyth, Ryan Matlioski, Julian Cannizzaro, Luke Belvedere. To Ryan Matlioski, Chris Brown & Michael Carr, for leading the team to an impressive win. And also to Anthony Bagnara, Julian Cannizzaro, Nathan Tsalkos and James Lowe for their sportsmanship in helping Bundoora with he "Even Up Rule".
Training is at 4.45pm sharp.
Round 13 - 5/8/2007 St Mary's 4.7.31 - v - Surrey Park 5.6.36
As a team, we realized that today's match was going to be our biggest challenge for the year, as last time we met, they beat us soundly. This time, we narrowed the margin, only going down by 5 points, which was a fantastic effort. As the year has gone by, the boys have worked tirelessly and, not by luck, have earned themselves a place in the finals. Let's put the year behind us and let's focus on next week's game. Regardless of the pain we felt today, let's turn it around next week and let's earn ourselves a chance of winning the Grand Final. Let's keep up the good work. Go Burras!
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Bailey Rodda - 2 goals David Camuncoli, Nicholas Reeves-Smyth - 1 goal each Anthony Bagnara, Mark Ferraro, Jake Smyth, Jake Sharples, Lucas Camuncoli, Nicholas Reeves-Smyth. To Jake Smyth, Jake Sharples & David Camuncoli for their inspirational words before the game.
Training is at 4.45pm sharp. It is important to be there early for a hard, solid training session, leading up to the finals.
SEMI-FINAL: 12/8/2007 St Mary's 6.6.42 - v - Surrey Park 6.4.40
We went into our first finals appearance excited and determined to give it everything we had. We have a lot of respect for Surrey Park and we knew it was going to be a tough assignment from the moment the ball was bounced. The key factors we focused on today were pressure and teamwork. The game once again lived up to its expectations - at half time we went in 11 points up and full of spirit. As the third quarter unfolded, the backline was under enormous pressure and to their credit, only conceded 2 goals. Once we regrouped at three-quarter time, we were determined not to let this one slip away and, aided by a slight breeze, every single player lifted and stood up to record our best win of the season (by a margin of 2 points). Well done on making the Grand Final boys. Keep it up! Go Burras! P.S. One more to go!
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Mark Ferraro - 3 goals Nathan Brayley - 2 goals Lucas Camuncoli - 1 goal. It would be unfair to leave any player out today. It was an all round team effort. To Grant Turner, Nathaniel Corbin, Bailey Rodda & Lucas Camuncoli for their leadership - especially in the last quarter when the game was in the balance.
Training this Friday at 4.45pm sharp! Be there!
GRAND FINAL: 26/8/2007 St Mary's 8.14.62 - v - St Damians 3.7.25
In mild conditions, St Damians won the toss and selected to kick with the wind, kicking the first goal. They continually kept the ball in their forward line and, against the trend of play, we scored a goal. The second quarter began with us 9 points down and needing to re-group. Our determination and tight teamwork enabled us to break at half time with a 15 point lead, setting us up for a great last half. Our third quarter was once again a hard fought contest and due to our effort in the backline, we knew we had a chance. Kicking with the wind and with a good lead going into the last quarter, we still needed to get the job done. The boys ran out the game full of fire and energy, and due to our teamwork and pressure, we ended the season on an absolute high, winning the ultimate prize.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Nicholas Reeves-Smyth - 3 goals Bailey Rodda, Lachlan O'Brien - 2 goals each Mark Ferraro - 1 goal To the 21 players who took up the challenge and believed in themselves - Well Done Boys! To the 4 Captains and 17 courageous soldiers! To Lachlan O'Brien for winning 'Best On Ground'. Well Done!
Don't forget the Footy Trip next week.