Under 10's - Green Proudly Sponsored By - Overton Insurance     Coach - John Waldron 0405 147 106 Team Manager - Simon Merrifield 0418 438 218 Training Times - Friday, 4.30 - 6.00pm, Greensborough Park
Round 1 - 29/4/2007 St Mary's 8.7.55 - v - Doncaster 3.1.19
What a great first game! Every single player did his part in helping the team achieve a win. The tackling, shepherding and talking was first rate! Keep it up and you'll have a great season.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Alex Merrifield 2 Carson Heaslip 2 (+ 1 for the opposition!) Darcy Cotter 2 Matthew Bell 1 Daniel Bonello 1 McNamara, Bell Bonello, Davies, Heaslip, Jackson This week's captain - Sean Whelan
Round 2 - 6/5/2007 St Mary's 0.0.0 - v - Preston 6.11.47
Came up against a very good Preston team and, although we tried hard, their teamwork overcame us. Keep plugging away at the team things, fellas, and we will have a better game next week.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Ryan McNamara, Ben McEntee, Justin Zannardo, Matt Bell. This week's Captain - Corey Layton.
Round 3 - 13/5/2007 St Mary's 5.12.42 - v - Bulleen Temp. 9.8.62
A very brave performance from our boys, with two withdrawals prior to the game, and an injury during the game, leaving our boys very undermanned. To their credit, if our boys had kicked straight early, we could have had a commanding lead. It was not to be, but our boys fought it right out and I am proud of their endeavour. We must, however, learn to follow instructions all day. Keep up the good work.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Merrifield - 4 Heaslip - 1 McNamara, Bonello, Whelan, Wood, T.McEntee, B.McEntee. Captain - Fraser Taplin. Thanks to Mark Girolami for coming to support his team, even though he was injured - great effort!
Round 4 - 20/5/2007 St Mary's 5.5.35 - v - Ivanhoe 8.3.51
Well - that was one that got away. Our boys played tremendous football for three and a half quarters, only to let it slip in the first 7 minutes of the last quarter. Boys, this is a lesson in playing hard team football for the whole game. Keep plugging away and the result you deserve will come your way.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Bonello - 2 Zannardo, Tom McEntee, Heaslip - 1 each. Girolami, Zannardo, Layton, Bonello, McNamara. This week's Captain - Mark Girolami.
Round 5 - 27/5/2007 St Mary's 5.10.40 - v - Kew 3.9.27
Persistence pays off. Well done fellas. By not giving up at any stage of the game, you came away with a hard fought win. Keep doing the team things and you will have more days like this.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
McNamara - 2 Waldron, Cotter - 1 each. B.McEntee, Girolami, Waldron, T.McEntee, Bonello, Nolan. This week's Captain - Jack Waldron.
Round 6 - 3/6/2007 St Mary's 1.2.8 - v - St Damians 5.8.38
Boys; we learned a lesson in how we should approach our games. St Damians did what their coach asked and manned up, tackled and kept their forward line open. We had most of the play fellas, but couldn't finish it off. Learn this lesson and we will have a better game next time.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Heaslip Nolan, Zannardo, Davies, Heaslip, Jackson, Taplin. This week's Captain - Darcy Cotter.
No training this Friday night.
Round 7 - 17/6/2007 St Mary's 0.1.1 - v - Greythorn 13.15.93
We met a very good team in Greythorn who showed us how to play 4 full quarters of footy. Boys - we must be switched on next week or we will have another ordinary day.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Nolan, McNamara, T. McEntee, Bell, Girolami. Great Captain's game from Adam Nolan.
Round 8 - 24/6/2007 St Mary's 3.3.21 - v - Parkside 6.13.49
Better effort this week fellas. Make sure we keep doing the team things and we will keep improving.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Bell - 2 goals Heaslip - 1 goal T.McEntee, Bell, Girolami, Nolan, Davies.
Round 9 - 1/7/2007 St Mary's 7.13.55 - v - Kew 0.0.0
Boys - you learned today that when you stick to what is asked of you, you are a very good football side. You should be very proud of yourselves.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Cotter, Bonello - 2 goals Merrifield, Nolan, B.McEntee - 1 each. Bell, Cotter, Bonello, Brasier, Bunker, Harris. This week's Captain - Ryan McNamara.
Round 10 - 15/7/2007 St Mary's 0.4.4 - v - Ivanhoe 16.6.102
Not switched on this week, fellas. We need to have everyone on song, every week. See you at training.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Cotter, Bell, Wood, Merrifield. This week's Captain - Daniel Bonello.
Round 11 - 22/7/2007 St Mary's 3.2.20 - v - St Damians 6.7.43
The boys may not have won the game on the scoreboard, but there is no doubt that every person at this game walked away knowing the boys gave everything they had, in search of victory. I was told by St Damians' coach, "I couldn't believe how hard it was today. They just never gave up." As Coach, I can't ask for any more. Great effort, fellas.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Taplin, Samas, Bunker - 1 each. Bonello, Girolami, Bunker, Brasier, Bell, B.McEntee & 14 other boys who never gave up! This week's Captain - Carson Heaslip.
Round 12 - 29/7/2007 St Mary's 0.6.6 - v - Doncaster 9.15.69
Tried hard for most of the game, but we need to learn to listen to instructions and stick to our game plan.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Bunker, T.McEntee, Bonello, Girolami, Bell.
Round 13 - 5/8/2007 St Mary's 4.4.29 - v - Preston Bullants 6.4.41
What a great way to finish off the year. We may have been beaten by 12 points, but what the scoreline doesn't tell you was the effort and teamwork our boys showed today. Thanks for your efforts this year boys.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Merrifield - 3 goals Bell - 1 goal. Layton, Wood, Whelan, Heaslip, Zannardo.
Presentation Day - 9th of September