Under 12's - Gold Proudly Sponsored By - Permanent Stone & Bencon Environmental Coach - Shane Delanty 0421 060 009 Team Manager - John Benson 0421 918 803 Training Times - Thursday 4.30 - 6.00pm, Whatmough Park
Round 1 - 29/4/2007 St Mary's 4.6.30 - v - Kew Rovers 10.7.67
As a "near new" team (only 8 Gold players from last season), the boys showed that with a bit more commitment, they can develop into a very strong football team. Against quality opposition, the boys had their chances to win, but failed to run the game out. There were some very good signs and with a little more discipline, a win will not be far away. Stay positive, believe in yourselves and your team-mates, and look forward to a great contest against Kew.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Jordan Sorani 2 Jack Desmond, Nicholas Dean - 1 each Mussuto, Galliazo, Desmond, Bowkett, Dean Benson, Wilson, Phelan, McMahon
Round 2 - 6/5/2007 St Mary's 4.6.30 - v - Kew 16.8.104
Against a well established, very well drilled team, our boys showed great courage and determination, and played some great team football. It was great to see the boys going in hard, running in numbers, putting on shephards and, in general, helping each other like a group of friends, not just teammates. With a little more work on the track, this team will develop into an extremely good football team. I am proud of the effort of all of you. Keep up the good work boys.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Jayden Boddy - 2 Kristian Cantone, James Boarotto - 1 each Boddy, Phelan, Mossuto, Dean, Galliazo, McMahon, Paras
Round 3 - 13/5/2007 St Mary's 6.7.43 - v - Surrey Park 6.11.47
After a great first half, the boys came out after half time, a different side. They failed to man up and be accountable for the opposition players. The boys must learn that to win at this level, they must be able to play out 4 quarters. Too many boys thought it would just happen, instead of realising you have to make it happen. If we all realise this, we will beat Fitzroy next week.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Delanty - 2 Sorani, Benson, Paras, Wilson - 1 each Smith, Mossuto, Dean, Bowkett, Boddy
Round 4 - 20/5/2007 St Mary's 4.5.29 - v - Fitzroy 7.7.49
This is the last week we will be without a bench, as we are going from 4 Under 12 Teams, to 3. This now gives us the ability to rotate players on and off the bench, not only for rest, but also discipline. Discipline means when the opposition has the ball, they must be manned up, which did not happen enough today. This allowed Fitzroy to kick some easy goals. Our last quarter showed that not only can we match it with the best; we can also beat them! Heads up for next week.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Sorani - 2 Paras & Wilson - 1 each. Paras, Bowkett, Mossuto, Boddy, Galliazo.
Round 5 - 27/5/2007 St Mary's 12.13.85 - v - Camberwell 3.3.21
At last. The boys showed great courage to score a great win; their first for the season. With an influx of 7 new players, 5 permanent and 2 from Under 12 Blue, the boys played as if they had been together for a couple of seasons. It was great to see the boys play as a team for 4 quarters, and even more pleasing to hear the boys sing the Club Song with such passion. Special thank you to Ned Miller & Jacob Hart for filling in and both playing great games.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Sorani - 4 goals. Drake - 2 goals. Smith, Phelan, Miller, Desmond, Mossuto, Hart - 1 each. Mossuto, Paras, Cvijetic, Galliazo, Boddy, Drake, Bowkett and the rest!
Round 6 - 3/6/2007 St Mary's 3.4.22 - v - Canterbury 8.7.55
Very timid effort by most. We must learn to concentrate on getting the ball and not worry about copping a knock from the opposition. Unless we are prepared to man up around the ground, instead of chasing the footy like they do in Tackers, we will find ourselves in this position week in, week out.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Liam Bowkett - 2 goals Kristian Cantone - 1 goal. Galliazo, Paras, Dean, Mossuto.
Round 7 - 17/6/2007 St Mary's 7.9.51 - v - Bulleen Temp. 8.7.55
A great effort for 4 quarters. We went down by 3 points against a good team who will be playing finals this year. Everybody contributed today, which was great to see, and also holds us in good stead for the remainder of the season. We are finally beginning to realize that if we play as a team, the results will come. Heads up and look forward to getting revenge for the last loss to Kew Rovers.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Benson, Dean, Mossuto, Galliazo, Boarotto, Drake, Boddy - 1 each. The whole team!
Round 8 - 24/6/2007 St Mary's 9.8.62 - v - Kew Rovers 2.4.16
Against third placed Kew Rovers, the boys played a very disciplined brand of football for 4 quarters and earned a confidence building victory. Every boy from the backline to the forward line did their job and if they all do that week in week out, we will have more wins to come. Believe in yourselves and your teammates and we can beat the top side Kew next week. Good luck boys.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Drake - 2 goals Bowkett, Benson, Boddy, Park, Phelan, Paras, Desmond - 1 each. Mossuto, Galea, Dean, Benson, Boarotto, Park, McLeish, Boddy, Bradshaw, Drake, Paras, Robbins.
Round 9 - 1/7/2007 St Mary's 2.3.15 - v - Kew 8.11.59
Against a very good opposition, the boys looked flat-footed for the first quarter, and let Kew get a very good start. From then on, it was an uphill battle to try and get back into the game. A lack of hardness at the ball (with one notable exception) also made it hard to peg them back. Until the boys are first at the ball, good results will be hard to come by. The one positive was the second half lift, using the injured Robbie Phelan as inspiration. Good luck Robbie.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Jayden Boddy & Cameron Drake - 1 each Mossuto, Boddy, Desmond, Galliazo, Park Cantone, Galea, Wilson, McLeish. Thanks to Ben Kelsey for helping out today. Good luck and get well soon Robbie Phelan.
Round 10 - 15/7/2007 St Mary's 5.3.33 - v - Surrey Park 5.6.36
It's always hard to play one good quarter of football and expect to win the game. It was a case of too little, too late; but the last quarter showed that we can be very competitive against any team in the competition. We may not be able to make the finals but we sure can help shape the final 4. Heads up for next week.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Sorani, Paras - 2 each Cantone - 1 goal Mossuto, Paras, Cvijetic, Boddy, Galea, Dean, Bradshaw, Wilson.
Round 11 - 22/7/2007 St Mary's 3.7.25 - v - Canterbury 10.5.65
After a competitive first half, it was disappointing to see the boys drop their heads because it was just too hard to do the team things. Unless we are prepared to do the one percenters; have confidence in each other; be prepared to attack the ball; and not worry about getting a bump from the opposition, we will always struggle to win a game.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Bowkett, McLeish, Cantone - 1 goal each McLeish, Galiazzo, Galea, Desmond, Paras, Drake.
Round 12 - 29/7/2007 St Mary's 3.13.31 - v - Camberwell 4.5.29
What a fantastic win! It was easily our best this year and in my 2 years of coaching at St Marys, to see 18 boys play a great brand of team football, helping each other for 4 quarters, was a credit to them all! With injuries to key players and some filling in for Under 13 Gold, the way our boys lifted to the challenge was just sensational! Now that you know what your capable of, let's keep it going.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Benson, Galea, Galliazzo - 1 each All 18 Players on the ground.
Remember to hand back all footy tops after the game next week.
Round 13 - 5/8/2007 St Mary's 1.4.10 - v - Fitzroy 7.12.54
The last game of the season saw us come up against the top side, Fitzroy. The score didn't reflect the evenness of the game. We had a lot of the ball but failed to convert on the scoreboard. After a difficult start to the season, with the addition of 15 new players to the Gold Team, and going from 4 teams to 3 during the season, the boys showed a great resolve to play some great team football for most of the year. Thanks to all the boys for your support during the season and thanks to the parents for their great support as well.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Paras - 1 goal Cvijetic, Desmond, Wilson, Benson, Galliazzo, Dean, Galea, Bowkett.
Presentation Day on the 9th of September.