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Coach - Mal Griffiths 0412 052 753 Team Manager - Dean Mullins 0438 525 700 Training Times - Wednesday 4.30 - 6.00pm, AK Line, Watsonia

Round 1 - 29/4/2007 St Mary's 26.13.169 - v - Glen Iris 1.0.6
Great team effort! The boys are running and giving off. Every boy is contributing to an overall excellent team effort.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
B.Freeman, R.Mullins, A.Ruggieri, M.Smith, B.Walton - 3 each J.Tambakis, T.Wilson, J.Griffiths - 2 each; N.Griffiths, C.Amiguet, M.Atta, S.Bonello, T.Fothergill - 1 each Walton, Mullins, Ferra, Smithy, Willo, Fothers, Matty Atta.
Round 2 - 6/5/2007 St Mary's 15.11.101 - v - Camberwell 1.5.11
The team worked as hard for each other, as I have ever seen. Great running, tackling, talking. Keep up the great work.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
N.Griffiths, R.Mullins, J.Shea, B.Walton - 2 each M.Atta, L.Buckley, B.Freeman, J.Freeman, J.Kett, A.Ruggieri, J.Tambakis - 1 each Jevon, Jesse & Brandon Freeman, Anthony, Matt Atta, Byron. Congratulations to all 10 Players nominated for the Inter-League Teams.
Round 3 - 13/5/2007 St Mary's 18.8.116 - v - Banyule 2.1.13
The boys struggled early in a hard fought game. In the second quarter, we started trying to get our running game going. The last half saw a very committed running team, backing each other up and doing all the things to help each other.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
J.Tambakis - 7 A.Ruggieri - 3 J.Griffiths, R.Mullins, B.Walton - 2 each M.Atta, J.Freeman - 1 each Joseph, Anthony, Joshua, Rick, Cary, Jayden, Freezers, Fothers.
Round 4 - 20/5/2007 St Mary's 7.4.46 - v - Bulleen Temp. 9.7.61
The boys thought it was going to be another walk in the park. Halfway through the 2nd quarter, they realised they had a game on their hands. A good game of football and now it is up to the boys to see how we respond to our first defeat for about 2 years.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
M.Smith - 2 C.Amiguet, L.Buckley, B.Freeman, N.Griffiths, J.Tambakis - 1 each. Anthony, Cary, Rick, Joshua, Joseph, Ferra.
Round 5 - 27/5/2007 St Mary's 15.24.114 - v - Kew 4.8.32
Played in windy conditions. The boys played a great 1st quarter against the wind. Blazed away in the 2nd. I was rapt in the way the boys concentrated on being accountable and kept the pressure on the opposition.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
M.Smith - 4 goals. A.Ruggieri - 3 goals. B.Walton - 2 goals. M.Atta, J.Griffiths, N.Griffiths, J.Kett, R.Mullins, J.Tambakis - 1 goal each. Byron, Nathan, Wilo, Matty Atta, Cary, Smithy, Rick.
Round 6 - 3/6/2007 St Mary's 11.10.76 - v - Camberwell 5.6.36
Hard fought game. Boys played well in the first quarter, then went to sleep in the second and third quarters, leaving the workload to too few. They woke up in the last quarter. We need to start putting four quarters together.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
M.Smith, J.Freeman - 2 each J.Griffiths, J.Kett, R.Mullins, A.Ruggieri, J.Tambakis, B.Walton, T.Wilson - 1 each. Tambakis, Walton, Mullins, Ruggieri, J & B Freeman, Shea.
Round 7 - 17/6/2007 St Mary's 12.12.84 - v - Doncaster Heights 6.8.44
Good, hard fought game. Slow start but the boys rallied and got ourselves back into the game. Great effort by the backline and now we have 3 very hard games in a row.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
J.Freeman, N.Griffiths, R.Mullins, J.Tambakis - 2 each. N.Batchelor, M.Atta, J.Shea, M.Smith - 1 each. Fothers, Tambakis, Buckley, Johno, Mullins, Atta.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN BONELLO! Under 14 Supporters Night on Sunday, the 1st of July.
Round 8 - 24/6/2007 St Mary's 15.15.105 - v - Ashburton 6.4.40
Took on Ashburton in a very big game for both teams. Ashburton kicked 3 early goals and the game was on. The boys got going and it was the hardest we have worked for each other. A very high standard game and we ended up winning like a very good team. No rest, as we now take on the top team next week.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
M.Atta - 4 goals N.Griffiths, M.Smith - 3 each R.Mullins - 2 goals B.Freeman, J.Shea - 1 each Great Team Effort.
Round 9 - 1/7/2007 St Mary's 6.6.42 - v - Bulleen Temp. 12.9.81
Took on the undefeated Bulleen Temp. with just 16 players. The boys had a real dip and scores were level at half time. Fell away a little bit in the last quarter, with all the boys having played in the Inter-League, tiring. All the boys played their hearts out and now we have a good rest before the final 4 games.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Tambakis & Smith - 2 goals N.Griffiths & Wilson - 1 each. All 16 players.
Round 10 - 15/7/2007 St Mary's 16.9.105 - v - Fitzroy 8.4.52
Up against our arch enemy, Fitzroy. Average first half, and after a rev-up at half time, the boys showed what they are capable of. We need to perform for the full 4 quarters.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
M.Atta, R.Mullins - 4 goals N.Griffiths - 3 goals J.Tambakis - 2 goals B.Freeman, M.Smith, B.Walton - 1 each Atta, Kett, B.Freeman, N.Griffiths, Mullins, Walton, Tambakis. Best of luck to Rick Mullins in the Vic. U/15 Metro Schoolboys Championships.
Round 11 - 22/7/2007 St Mary's 6.5.41 - v - Kew Rovers 7.9.51
The boys went out and didn't use the ball very well in the first quarter. We let them into the game and allowed Kew Rovers to kick 5 unanswered goals in the third quarter. We finished with only 14 players and now is the time where we all have to pull out that little bit extra.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
N.Griffiths, B.Freeman - 2 goals each M.Smith, M.Atta - 1 goal each J.Kett, N.Griffiths, S.Bonello, J.Griffiths, J.Shea, J.Tambakis. Congratulations Joshua Griffiths on 100 Great Games!
Round 12 - 29/7/2007 St Mary's 15.20.110 - v - Kew 6.5.41
The boys played really good team football in the first quarter. They stopped running in the 2nd quarter and allowed the opposition to kick 4 goals. Once again, they played good football and finished the game full of running. A big game next week to finish the year off before the finals.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
M.Smith - 5 goals N.Griffiths, J.Tambakis - 3 goals R.Mullins - 2 goals J.Freeman, M.Atta - 1 goal J & B. Freeman, T.Fothergill, L.Buckley, R.Mullins, S.Bonello, N.Griffiths. Congratulations to Nathan Griffiths on 100 Games. Thanks to Nathan Holmes for filling in.
Round 13 - 5/8/2007 St Mary's 9.10.64 - v - Doncaster Heights 3.3.21
Played a very desperate Doncaster Heights, who threw everything at our boys. A very pleasing effort in that we kept our eyes on the ball and finished the game full of running. A very good finish to the year; now for the Finals.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
J.Shea, M.Smith, R.Mullins - 2 goals each J.Griffiths, M.Atta, N.Griffiths - 1 goal each All 18 Players.
SEMI-FINAL: 12/8/2007 St Mary's 6.13.49 - v - Bulleen Temp 10.11.71
Played a very good Bulleen Temp in a good, hard fought game. Didn't make the most of our opportunities and we have to realize that in these games, we have to kick the goals and don't turn the ball over.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
M.Smith - 3 goals M.Atta, J.Griffiths, J.Tambakis - 1 goal each J. Kett, R.Mullins, C.Amiguet, S.Bonello, M.Smith, S.Ferronato. 150 GREAT GAMES FROM JEVON KETT.
PRELIMINARY FINAL 19/8/2007 St Mary's 12.12.84 - v - Fitzroy 6.3.39
Slow start for the first quarter. The boys started to run and use the ball in the second and third quarters, and put scoreboard pressure on the opposition. Congratulations to the boys on making another Grand Final and now we're there, let's have a red hot go.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
R.Mullins - 3 goals B.Freeman, J.Tambakis - 2 goals M.Atta, S.Bonello, N.Griffiths, M.Smith, B.Walton - 1 goal each. R.Mullins, J.Tambakis, J.Griffiths, B.Walton, M.Smith, M.Taplin, Z.Riddle.
GRAND FINAL: 26/8/2007 St Mary's 11.13.79 - v - Bulleen Temp 5.6.36
The boys came out all switched on. A great four quarters by all 22 Players saw us win a hard fought game of football. Without doubt, the best game of football this team has ever played. Congratulations to all Players & Parents.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
J. Tambakis - 3 goals A. Ruggieri - 2 goals J. Shea, J.Griffiths, M.Atta, B.Freeman, R.Mullins, M.Smith - 1 goal each A Great Team Effort! Thanks to Zach Riddle, Mitch Taplin & Brad Powell.