Under 9's (Tackers) - Teal Proudly Sponsored By - BEAT Home Loans Coach - Grant Watkinson 0409 462 229 / Andrew Sacco 0412 644 284Team Manager - Chris Sacco 0402 034 373 Training Times - Wednesday, 5.00-6.00pm, Greensborough Park    
Round 1 - 29/4/2007 St Mary's - v - Park Orchards
Great team effort for Round 1. Highlights were the kicking and marking in the wet.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Jackson Hall 1 Kynan Kett 1 Great team effort! Ben Roughsedge, Jamieson Shea, Matthew Watkinson, Ryan Matlioski James Cummane Matthew Coen
TACKERS NIGHT - next Sunday night at the Clubrooms from 5.30-8.30pm. PIZZA for all! Come down and show the Club the Teal spirit we already have!
Round 2 - 6/5/2007 St Mary's - v - Banyule
Great team work boys. Great passages of run on football. Strong team spirit. Special mention to Kaelan Cheesewright for kicking a goal for both teams!
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Ryan Matlioski, Jamieson Shea - 2 each Kaelan Cheesewright, Luke O'Donnell, Ben Rolfs - 1 each Anthony De Lorenzi, Daniel Watkinson, Jarrod Sacco, Nicholas Coffield Thomas Cantwell & Noah Stanley.
Round 3 - 13/5/2007 St Mary's - v - Warrandyte
Captains' game by Liam & Anthony. A great game of playing down the corridor - good flow on football. Made it worth all the Mums getting out of bed.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Anthony DeLorenzi, Nicholas Hillas, 'Jamo' Shea, Ryan Matlioski, Kynan 'Ketty'. Luke O'Donnell, Liam Dunlop, Ryan Matlioski, Matthew Coen, Nicholas Coffield, Ben Rolfs. RHG Awards - Ben Rolfs & Jackson Hall
TACKERS DAY at Bulleen Park next week - be early.
Round 4 - 20/5/2007 St Mary's - v - TACKERS DAY
What a great family day, thanks to the effort that everyone put in. Three solid games of football with strong team work, kicking, marking and all-round skills being shown.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Kaelen Cheesewright, Matthew Coen, Ben Rolfs. Hard to pick a best when we have a team of champions! Liam Dunlop, Kaelen Cheesewright, Connor Gedge.
Round 5 - 29/5/2007 St Mary's - v - MacLeod
Another great week of football. This week, we went end to end, with all boys involved with the passage of play. Great ball skills, including shepherding, marking, hand-balling and kicking. Team spirit continues to grow. Captains for this week - Luke & Jackson. Well done guys.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Jamo Shea Ben Roughsedge, Luke O'Donnell, Ben Rolfs, "Ketty", Billy MacGibbon. RHG - Jamo Shea & Matthew Watkinson.
PHOTOS NEXT SUNDAY AT 7.15am - wear WHITE shorts to the rooms. Dinner Dance coming up - let Chris know if you are interested.
Round 6 - 3/6/2007 St Mary's - v - Park Orchards
After a freezing start at 7.15am for our photo shot, we endeavoured to play a great but cold game of football. Good ball skills in tough conditions.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Ryan Matlioski, Matthew Coen James Cummane, Matthew Coen, Jamison Shea, Luke O'Donnell, Ryan Matlioski Nicholas Coffield, Ben Roughsedge.
Looking forward to a good turnout for the Dinner Dance. Call Chris Sacco to organize your spot - 0402034373.
Round 7 - 17/6/2007 St Mary's - v - Bundoora
Don't we love the big ground. With everybody staying in position. We saw great passages of play with some great shepherding, handballing, goal kicking and teamwork. Another great game boys! Captains - Jarrod Sacco & Nicholas Coffield.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Ben Rolfs - 2 Matthew Coen, Ben Roughsedge, Matthew Watkinson, Kaelan Cheesewright - 1 each. Nicholas Coffield, Daniel Watkinson, Noah Stanley, Thomas Cantwell, Connor Gedge. Jarrod Sacco & Nicholas Hillas.
* Gold coin donation next week for Cancer. * Dinner Dance - 3rd of August. * Have fun at the Gold Day Dads!
Round 8 - 24/6/2007 St Mary's - v - Banyule
Another frosty morning. Despite the strong opposition, you stuck to the plan for the day. A tough morning but you never gave up. Good to see the skills sticking and coming together.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Matty Coen, Luke O'Donnell - 1 each Matty Watkinson, Matty Coen, James Cummane, Anthony DeLorenzi, Connor Gedge. Daniel Watkinson.
27th of July - Special Tackers Night at the Clubrooms.
Round 9 - 1/7/2007 St Mary's - v - St Damians
The boys got off to a flying start with lots of ownership for the ball. With a few players missing, everyone stepped up to an exciting game of football.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Luke O'Donnell - 2 goals Nicholas Hillas - 1 goal Nicholas Hillas, Kynan Kett, Noah Stanley, Anthony DeLorenzi RHG Award -Billy MacGibbon Captain - Ben Rolfs
One week off training, but we will see you back the week after. 27th of July - Tackers Night; special guest, Simon Black. 13th of August - Sportsmans Night.
Round 10 - 15/7/2007 St Mary's Teal - v - St Mary's Black
Great to watch St Marys Tackers v St Marys Tackers. A chance for our 4 smallest boys to play in the ruck. With three games to go, we need to focus on our footy skills, our team spirit and most of all, having fun - because it's going to be a long hot summer. Captain: Jamo Shea (great game back after injury).
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Luke O'Donnell, Kaelen Cheesewright. Jordan Dinakis, Noah Stanley, Jamo Shea, Kaelen Cheesewright, Jackson Hall. Kynan 'Mini' Ketty.
27th of July - Tackers Night with Simon Black; from 7pm onwards. All Raffle Tickets to be handed in, no later than Wednesday at training.
Round 11 - 22/7/2007 St Mary's - v - Macleod
What a cold, icy start to the third last game of the year. But even the frost couldn't stop the determination of this 'well put together' team. Great positional football (that means you stayed where you were suppose to). Two more games together; let's continue with the Burra Teal spirit. Injured - Nicholas Coffield - well done for coming to add to the team spirit. Captain: Ryan Matlioski.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Jarrod Socco, Daniel Watkinson, Anthony DeLorenzi - 1 each Kynan Kett, Anthony DeLorenzi, Jordan D., Mattie W. Jordan D., Ryan Matlioski.
SIMON BLACK TACKERS NIGHT NEXT FRIDAY - be there at 6.30pm. Dinner Dance - 3rd of August.
Round 12 - 27/7/2007 St Mary's - v - Warrandyte
A great high scoring game, built on our half-back & centre lines keeping the ball in the forward line, and giving our forwards the opportunity to kick a goal. Lots of first goals scored today. Great shepherding and excellent ball skills. Captains: Thomas Cantwell & Jordan Dinakis. Remember: you need to hand your jumpers back next week, so bring another top to put on afterwards.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Connor - 2 goals Thomas, Jordan, Liam, Ketty, Jamo, Noah - 1 each Jazza, Nicholas C., Matt W., Daniel, Jackson, Thomas, Matthew C., Jordan, Liam, Jamo, Noah, Connor, Nicholas H., Kynan, Billy, Ryan, Benny R., Ben R., James, Luke. Liam O'Donnell
Dinner Dance next Friday night.
Round 13 - 5/8/2007 St Mary's - v - Banyule
What a big day for the Tackers Teal boys. Thirteen of our big guys step into the Under 10's next year and we saw them run through their first banner, followed closely behind by the remaining boys, who help make up a champion "Tackers Teal 2007 team". Outstanding play of the day was Jamo's banana goal from the boundary. An overall outstanding season of a champion team. Well done boys; practice hard, keep heart and we'll see you next year.
Goal Kickers Best Players Encouragement
Jamo Shea - 2 goals James Cummane & Kynan Kett - 1 goal each. Jamo, Kynan, Ryan, Jazza, Noah, James. Captains: shared amongst the Senior Boys.
Presentation Day - 9th of September.