School is back now and we are storming towards the end of the season. Yes, the winter chill has set in but it is not far away until spring breaks and finals begin. Speaking of finals, we have over half our sides currently in finals positions with a few more still in the hunt to force their way into top four positions.

Again, I seem to be harping on this message, but again I implore all our members to focus on their behaviour at this weekend’s games. This is a directive coming from the league following a lapse in appropriate conduct at all clubs across the league and after an incident that made news headlines during the week. The league will be very forceful on any club that oversteps the mark. As a reminder, if you are doing an official duty, it is your responsibility to fill this duty as a representative of the club and the league and not to get involved in either on-field or off-field incidents.

If you need to approach an Umpire – It is the TEAM MANAGER and only the TEAM MANAGER who can do this.

Please remember that this is a JUNIOR sport and while it is competitive, the focus should always be on participation, fun, fairness and respect.

On a more positive note this week, we are hosting our Girls round at Whatmough Park. We will be kicking off with our Under 12 Girls Brown at 9.30am and finishing with our Youth Girls at 3pm. The Youth Girls are also wearing a specially designed jumper for this round, with donations they have been collecting going towards the Breast Cancer Foundation. A terrific effort by all the girls and it would be great to see as many people along to support them.

As it is our Girls Round, our Sundays Supporters Club night will be dedicated to all our girls sides.

As always, EVERYONE from all age groups within the club is welcome to come down and enjoy the free pizza (for the players) and budget priced meals for mums and dads.

Sport And Life Training:

The Committee of St Mary’s have arranged for several Age Group Officials to attend a Sport And Life Training (SALT) session to be held over the next week and a half.

SALT is a not for profit organisation whose sole focus is to ‘Transform Australian Culture Through Sport’. SALT is fast becoming an organisation renowned for its ability to connect with young people and train them in valuable life lessons through their connections with sport.

While these sessions represent a significant financial investment from our club, it is a price OUR club is prepared to pay to ensure YOUR most precious possessions, your children, are fully aware, educated and armed with what they need to see them through their later teenage years and early adulthood, so they ‘arrive’ at the end of this sometimes-tumultuous journey, ALIVE, emotionally unscarred, and a valuable and positive member of our society!

I hope all members involved support the club by attending these sessions.

FRIDAY 28 JULY – GALA BALL. Yes, it is only a week away!!! It is a fantastic night had by all the parents and a great way to send our top age Colts and Youth Girls off in style. Tables are filling fast, but it would be brilliant if we could get a representative table from every side and pack the venue. For tickets see your Team Manager or contact Melinda Read on 0413 423 034. For those of you who have already arranged tables, can you please arrange payment to Melinda Read prior to the night.

Good luck to all sides this week.

St Mary’s, We Stand Proud!”

Paul Tobin
St Mary’s Greensborough Junior Football Club