Dear Members,

With a little over two weeks before the start of the football season, I am confident that all the hard work over the preseason will ensure all players are well prepared for the season ahead. We still have some “housekeeping” to undertake before the season starts and would appreciate your support and consideration for the following important messages:

Let the Kids Be Kids Campaign

The St Mary’s GJFC family are proud to be associated with the Let the Kids be Kids campaign. Whilst football can be a passionate game, it is important to remember that this is not the AFL and we are here solely to provide a safe and fun environment for all our children to play our great game. As parents, you can help support this campaign by modelling the following behaviours:

Encourage fair play

  • Cheer and acknowledge good plays by both teams.
  • Thank the official, coach and other team after the game.

Respect officials, coaches and opponents.

  • Accept decisions by officials – they are human and can make mistakes.
  • Deal with issues in a controlled and professional manner after the game.

Keep your emotions in check

  • Be enthusiastic, but don’t scream instructions from the sideline.
  • Don’t get into shouting matches with anyone.
  • Never use bad language or harass others.

Uphold our club’s code of conduct

  • Understand, uphold and support your club’s code of conduct for parents.
  • If you have put your hand up to be an official in junior sport it’s important to understand all your club’s rules and regulations, the spirit of the game and the relevant codes of conduct. Paul Kennedy has another great tip you can see here.

Help kids enjoy sport


Our club celebrates 45 years wonderful years as a community sports club and is now the biggest club in the local club. Our club has been built on the generous support of “Mum’s and Dad volunteers” to ensure over 500 children can play football each week. There is no one at the club that is paid a wage or honorarium. We rely on over 240 volunteer roles each week ranging from the coach to time keeper and providing oranges. I encourage all parents to introduce yourself to your team’s coach and team manager and offer your time and skills to help the team run smoothly … remember the old saying “many hands make light work!”.


We remain a not for profit club with the sole purpose of returning value back to our members. St Marys GJFC have not raised our membership fees for the past three years despite increased running costs such as league fees and insurance. The generous sponsorship that we receive ensure that we can keep fees low. You can help in two ways:

  • Consider becoming a sponsor of the biggest sporting club in our area and;
  • Support our supporters by purchasing their products and services. At the very least, give our sponsors an opportunity to quote for your business.

For more information, please contact Aliscia on 0438 328 374.

Social Committee

Don’t have enough time to help each week however can help from time to time? Our social committee may be a role for you! We need volunteers for:

  • Serving behind the bar for functions (We will support you to gain your Responsible Serving of Alcohol).
  • Preparing meals on a Sunday night.
  • Organising fund-raising events such as the dinner dance or social functions.

For more information, please contact Melinda on 0413 423 034.

Greensborough Park Redevelopment

We are committed to completing Stage 2 of the Greensborough Park redevelopment. If you haven’t visited Greensborough Park recently, you will see new goal netting at the St Helena Rd end and the removal of the old fencing. You will shortly see the installation of netting at the Whatmough Park end and additional seating for spectators. Thank you to all those members who donated funds to ensure this project goes ahead.

Paul Tobin
St Marys GJFC