Winter really set in last week, with more rain than we knew what to do with. I know it was a very disruptive week with many sides unable to train due to the condition of Greensborough Park.  I thank those sides for being so understanding and allowing the ground to dry considerably, so that it was playable on Sunday. It may be a long wet winter, so we are already looking at alternatives for training in case we have to limit the use of the ground.

Overall, we had a much better result this week.  However, we still have a few sides that may get re-graded, or we may have to manipulate the sides a little to have them more competitive and balanced. I personally got to six games and it was great to see the determination and commitment each side showed – but most of all it was great to see the amount of smiles on the kid’s faces as they came off the ground. As a gentle reminder, let’s not lose track of the fact they are kids and we aim to provide a safe and enjoyable place for them to make new friends and learn new skills. Let’s support and encourage them not only to become better footballers, but better St Mary’s people.

Sunday Night: 7th May – Round 2.

Sunday Night will be our Under 10’s Age Group Night, so it would be great to see as many of this age group get back to the rooms on Sunday evening. Whilst Under 10’s coaches will make short speeches, everyone is welcome back to the rooms from 5.30pm on Sunday.

FREE PIZZAS will be available for all players and meals available for adults at very reasonable prices. And don’t forget the lucky Jumper number drawer and our raffle.

Mother’s Day Round – Clubrooms will not be open after the games that Sunday Night. However, two of our Tackers sides have been drawn to play against each other. This game will be played at Whatmough Park on the Friday Night under lights, commencing at 5.30. It would be great for as many people to get to this game and support the future of this great club. After the game, we will be hosting all the Tackers and Auskickers in the rooms and introducing them to the club and getting them up to sing the song (hopefully they will know words by then!!). After the game the bar will be open and the Friday Night footy will be on the TV’s.

And a quick reminder of our social events rapidly approaching:

Ladies Night: 20th May – $25 a ticket – see your team manager for tickets.

Poker Night: 23rd June – Friday Night – Details to follow shortly.

Go Burra!!!!

Paul Tobin
St Mary’s Greensborough Junior Football Club