Annual General Meeting of St Mary’s Greensborough Junior Football Club


Meeting: Monday 28th October 2019 at 7.30pm

1.     Attendees


24 attendees at the meeting and 1 apology which meets the Constitutional minimum 23 attendees to make the meeting and outcomes official.  Copy of attendees have been archived in club files.


2.     Executive Committee Members Presenting to members
President Dean Arnel      
Vice President Brenton Kinnear      
Secretary Chris Gatt    
Treasurer Aleks Todorovic    
3.  Meeting Agenda


  1. Secretary summary of the 2019 Season – Chris Gatt
    • Summary provided in line with the Annual Report
    • No questions raised by members


  1. President’s summary of the 2019 Season – Dean Arnel
    • Summary provided in line with the Annual Report
    • No questions raised by members


  1. Football Director’s overview of football matters for the 2019 Season – Brenton Kinnear
    • Summary provided in line with the Annual Report
      • John Carbis raised concerns over the club not adhering to the ½ game minimum club Policy point 24 for players at the Colts 1 in finals
      • Dean and Brenton confirmed the Colts 1 team did not adhere to the minimum ½ game club policy however this was done so in consultation with the playing group to enable an extra 10 players who qualified for finals to play finals as opposed to limiting selection to 24 players and ensuring a minimum half-game to all.
      • Ken Whiteman (Colts Chair of Selectors) confirmed the reason for the decision was to allow 10 additional players to participate in each Finals game and was based on the unanimous feedback from the playing group who were asked their preference
      • Brenton explained that we are continuing to refine our process for selection as this year was a new system, so we will take on feedback and continue to refine it along with considering whether the club policy needs amendment
      • Kevin Brown asked can the club change the club policy to allow the same colts process for a larger number of players again next year
      • Dean confirmed we accepted and appreciate the feedback and will take this into consideration for the next season forward, taking any policy changes to the committee for endorsement where required
      • Aliscia Braid complained how a couple of top-age players didn’t get a game in the colts 1.
      • Ken Whiteman explained this did not contravene the selection policy and players were selected due to availability and merit of performance.


  • No further questions for Brenton


  1. Treasurer’s overview of 2019 financial performance and current state of club finances – Aleks Todorovic
    • Summary provided in line with annual report
    • Aleks thanked the club and confirmed he was stepping down from the role after 5 years serving the club
    • Bernie Girolami asked whether the YJFL change for collecting fees was good for the club and Aleks confirmed it significantly assisted in the administration aspect of the club
    • No further questions for Aleks



  1. 2020 Committee Nominations


Committee Position for Election

  • President – Dean Arnel appointed (seconded by Ken Whiteman)
  • Football Director/ Vice President – Brenton Kinnear appointed (seconded by Annette Arnel)
  • Secretary – Chris Gatt appointed (seconded by Luke Pearson)
  • Treasurer – Brendan Walpole appointed (seconded by Mark Hume)
  • Girls Football Coordinator – Bernie Girolami appointed (seconded by Dean Arnel)
  • Property – Donna Danger appointed (seconded by Laureen Mefflin)
  • Merchandise – Annette Arnel appointed (seconded by Laureen Mefflin)
  • Sponsorship – Mark Hume appointed (seconded by Luke Pearson)
  • Social Director – Caroline De run appointed (seconded by Chris Gatt)
  • Football Development Director – Trevor Little appointed (seconded by Brenton Kinnear)
  • Marketing & Communications – not appointed by subject to committee seeking person for the role and appointing accordingly
  • General Committee – Luke Pearson nominated himself to help out Sponsorship and Social Director – Dean Arnel seconded



4. Meeting Closed 


Meeting closed at approximately 8:30pm