coachlogo180To develop and teach our footballers the fundamentals of the game so they can become the best they can be!


• The coach is accountable to the President, Executive Committee and Football Director

• Reports directly to the Coaching Director

• Provides regular reports to the Football Department throughout the year


• Understand and appreciate clubs philosophy in regards to the players

• Understand the Coaches Code of Conduct

• Preparedness to enter into review/appraisal and professional development

• Coaches night/seminar

• Abide by the rules of the game, Club Rules and YJFL Rules

• Maximise fun; place winning in perspective

• Develop team respect; For opponents, umpires and coaches

• Recognise the importance of proper injury treatment

• Keep up to date with modern coaching developments


• Must have Coaching Level One Accreditation

• Must have a Working with Children Check


• Supports and develops all players to their full potential

• Develops amicable relationship with players

• Liaise with team manager

• Liaise and supports the assistant coach and runner

• Liaise with Coaching Director and Age Group Manager

Club Expectations-Your attendance is requested at the following events

• Registration Day and second Registration Day

• Working Bee’s in March and September- Dates to be confirmed

• St. Mary’s Coaching Education Programs and Coaching Meetings

• Club Organised Functions- Dinner Dance, Presentation Day, etc.

• Supporters night- regular showing throughout the course of the season


• Liaises with the Football Department in regards to the appointment of assistant coach runner and Team Manager

• Assist in the management of the player list in consultation with Age group manager and Football department

• Develop and deliver an appropriate preseason training program

• Encourage the whole age group to train together as group

During Season

• Plan all training sessions

• Simulate game “senses” and decision making training

• This requires week to week adjusting your preparation as you see necessary

• Use your assistant coaches effectively

• Maintain a constant review of your own coaching methods and practises, with a view to

improve your ability to delivery effective instructions and practises

• Conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times

• Be open to new ideas(training drills) and coaching methods

• Make football enjoyable and that training is fun and not robotic

• Youth welfare/management- injuries, schooling issues, family issues, self-esteem etc.

• No player under any circumstance enters the field injured or back on the field injured or

concussed must have doctors certificate to prove that player is fit and capable

• Follow up any injuries occurring on game day or at a training session; ensure a written report is completed and signed within 24 hours of injury and handed to the Football Department

• Be available for coaching seminar throughout the course of the year

• Teach the fundamentals of the game

• Liaise regularly with football department in regards to new football ideas , player and parent

concerns anything and everything about football

Game day

• Make the day an enjoyable experience win lose or draw

• It’s not always about winning and losing it about developing these young men into capable footballers, everything else is a bonus

• Be a sportsman conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times

• Goal setting for the game or each quarter

• Team rules for example, first option best option

• Develop a strong rapport with each player

• Developing trust and mutual respect

• Give each player a clear and define role which they must follow

• Develop a simple game plan- switch the play at CHB, therefore we must run and spread

• Tactics- kicking out from full back