Dear Members,

 We are well aware in today’s society, the day to day communications, whether it be social, personal or business; we have all become dependent and rely heavily on Electronic Communication.  With the vast and rapid improvement of this technology and the accessibility of the public the St Marys Greensborough Junior Football club has now enacted club policy relating to Electronic Communications.


 The internet and mobile phones have become a way for people to exchange messages in electronic form on a day to day basis.
Whilst this technology is generally a positive and efficient form of communication, the downside is that it can be used in a negative form to discriminate, harass and/or have the detrimental impact on the privacy of people.
The St Marys Greensborough Junior Football Club does not condone the use of electronic communications in any negative form. The club will only encourage its use in a positive manner to ensure that all electronic communications are used appropriately and respectfully.
The guidelines of this policy apply to the electronic messages that can be sent and received by the following mediums:
  • Electronic mail.
  • Texting
  • Online messaging and social networking (MSN, MySpace, Facebook etc.)
  • Interactive messaging through services such as Twitter.
  • Messages posted to any internet based discussion forum.
  • Content displayed as part of any web.
  • Any other forms of electronic media 
Your personal information, including information about you obtained as a result of members signing our registration forms may be used by the club for the sole purpose for marketing, improving the service of the football club and providing parents, members and players with the latest updated information relating to the St Marys Greensborough Junior Football Club.
All forms of communications contribute to the relationships that are essential to our members, players, coaching staff and the club as a whole. These communications should be conducted in a positive manner. All parties should be aware that all forms of electronic communication are traceable and maybe accessed and utilised as evidence in the formal grievance process as per the grievance policy.
This includes all messaging or content that relates to members, players, coaching staff and teams from both within the St Marys Greensborough Junior Football Club and all members and players from other clubs or associations.

Policy Guidelines

  1. It is common practice for the club, in particular Team Managers to provide team email address or mobile phone numbers to all parents for the ease for communications. These private details are to be utilized for the sole purpose of football related communications. 
  1. All persons (members, players and teams), chat room, forums and social networking sites are not to use branding that is owned by the St Marys Greensborough Junior Football Club. The words St Marys GJFC or the official logo are not to be used unless their use has been sanctioned by the Executive Committee.
  1. Any person that identifies the club name or logo being used inappropriately on the internet and considers this use that may be detrimental to the club is encouraged to report this to the Executive Committee for the appropriate action to be taken. 
  1. All persons (members, players, teams), are expected to respect and treat each other with dignity at all times through all forms of communications.
  1. Any person who inappropriately sends an electronic message or that posts the message on a web page that is abusive, derogatory or discriminatory which involves reference by statement or inference to the club will be subject to disciplinary action or possible expulsion in accordance with the clubs policies.
  1. Exchange of any message through electronic communications may be defined as private communication.  Any message exchange that becomes the basis of a complaint may potentially become public to the Executive Committee.
  1. Parents are encouraged to supervise their children’s internet activities and report any inappropriate communications potentially impacting on the St Marys Greensborough Junior Football Club, its players, members and Executive Committee.
  1. These policy guidelines have been implemented for the protection of the reputation of the St. Marys GJFC. They are applicable at all times.
The St Marys Greensborough Junior Football Club reserves all rights to impose appropriate sanctions upon any member that is breach of this policy in accordance with Section 32 of the St Marys GJFC Constitution.
The contents of this policy may be altered at any time at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
Approved by the Executive Committee St Marys Greensborough Junior Football Club on,
19th March 2012.
Sam Gioffre
St Marys GJFC