Proposed Criteria

• Under 15’s -At this stage of the season look like having two teams in this Age Group

• A Division One team and a Division Three team

• Under 14’s- At this stage of the season we look like having three teams in the Age Group

• We have a three teams in this age group and they may play in the following Divisions Brown, Green and Black

Objectives of Selection Policy

• To select players to compete in a high standard competition in the Yarra Junior Football

League so as to enable them to develop to their full potential as a football player and to

equip them for Colts(Top Age) football at St. Marys Greensborough Junior FC

• Each “Age Group” has to identify a three tier player grading system, from the allocated playing lists

• Categories are A, B, C grades; A grade is the highest, then B grade and so on

• Their skill level (ability) will determine what grade they are in.

Selection Panel

• A Football Panel will be formed- This will consist of The Age Group Manager and Coaches, and they will determine the skill level of the boys in each “Age Group”

Selection Criteria

• How do we grade the boys?

• We look at each players skill set, we evaluate and assesse each boy in the flowing areas.

• For example, Past performance from that particular player, for example BnF, Rep Teams, already playing in highest team, Potential of player, Kicking, Marking and Handball skills, Decision making, Game smarts, Reading the play, Running ability ,Fitness, Players versatility, positive attitude to training, Concentration, Commitment to team rules, Attitude and wanting to improve

• The Football Department will oversee the selection process to ensure fairness and competitive balance is maintain

• For example, there is no point having four Ruckman in the first team!

Notification of Selection

• Squads must be announced before first practise match

• Teams announced before first fixture game of season

• The announcement will be done verbally and confirmed by email from Age Group Manager


• Depending on player numbers throughout the season, rotation of players through the division may occur, this will be done in conjunction with coaches when necessary