Football Operations Manager – Job Description (DRAFT)

Reporting through to the committee.

Purpose of Role:

To co-ordinate the Threshold and Valued requirements of the Football Department and if time permits the Distinctive Elements as well. (refer Football Priority Pyramid)

Estimate: 10 hours per week. (likely to be more hours in the lead up to the season, and less during the season)

Key Performance Objectives:

  • Smooth running of the football operations (as per below)
  • Drive player recruitment
  • Player satisfaction and Retention
  • Grow Registration numbers
    • Aim for minimum of two teams in each boys age-group
    • Growth of Girls numbers by a minimum of 10%
    • Establishment of Girls Under 10 Program in 2022.
  • Promote Positioning & Values of the Club.

Smooth Running of Football Operations


  • Coaches
    • Appointment of coaches
  • Work with coaches to organise Training and venue times for Pre-Christmas and Pre-season training.
    • Including liaising with council and co-tenant clubs.
    • Venues including Greensborough Park, Whatmough Park, Greensborough Secondary College and others as needs
  • Provide Coaches with Resources and Activities for Training year ahead.
  • Work with coaches to finalise teams and Age Grouping.
  • YJFL contact re: grading recommendations (organise teams and grading requirements)
  • Organise Practice Matches and Venues (likely 3rd April round 1 in 2022 – so probably only tie for 2 practice matches at most)
  • Organise Fixturing Requests including any night games.
  • Communicate with Age Group Managers and coaches regarding training times, other requirements deemed as necessary for the season ahead.
  • Organise Coaches Meeting prior to start of season.
  • Be a sounding board for coaches and their requirements for the season ahead.
  • Senior Club liaison regarding training rostering and ground availability.


  • Sounding board for coaches with problems, concerns that arise.
  • Mentoring of coaches as required.
  • Where required initial contact point for parent issues regarding particular football related incidents or coach concerns. (any material matters would be dealt with by committee in consultation)
  • General football department enquiries.
  • Oversee training fixturing/ re: grounds – including liaising with Senior Football Club.

Drive Recruitment.

  • Organise marketing to all local target primary schools in consultation with Auskick Co-ordinator (Ben Shelton)
  • Liaise with P.E Teachers at all targeted primary schools regarding recruitment of players.
  • Liaise with Auskick Co-ordinators.

Player satisfaction and Retention

  • Ensure the football program caters for broad range of skills, (children that want to take their football serious and children who just want to play for fun)

Grow Registration numbers

  • Aim for minimum of two teams in each boys age-group
  • Growth of Girls numbers by a minimum of 10%
  • Establishment of Girls Under 10 Program in 2022
  • Work with local primary schools to promote the junior program
  • Promote the clubs key points of difference (distinctive elements) to potential players & families

Drive the Football Curriculum

  • Work with coaches on a St Marys game plan
  • Work with coaches on skill development of players
  • Oversee Burras Combine testing
  • Contact point for Northern Knights Football

Promote Positioning & Values of the Club.

  • Ensure players and coaches are aware of club values.

Key Characteristics of Candidate:

 Strong Communication skills

  • Sound Football understanding
  • Good organisational and administrative skills
  • Strong diplomacy skills
  • Embraces Club values