Jean Pierre De Waele - 0439 496 949
Team Manager:
Kate Fowler - 0418 125 466
Age Group Manager:
Glenn Costello - 0407 987 939
Training Times:
Wednesday 5.30-7pm AK Lines

Round 1 - 04/06/2014

St Mary's Under 13 - 2014 Under 13 - Black 0.0.0 vs. Fitzroy 12.15.87

Welcome back for another year boys. It's great to see some familiar faces and also some new ones too. We struggled today with putting pressure on our opposition, letting them get too many uncontested possessions which showed on the scoreboard. We've got some work to do, but I know you boys are up to the task.

Goal Kickers:

Best Players:

Dominic Brennan, John Collum, Riley Madigan, Mitch De Waele and Andrew Abdulnour


Darcy Collins, Cooper Mackenzie, Nathan Free, Reuben Hanslow-Sells, Jarred Collier