John Snell 0403 614 458
Team Manager:
Andrea Shea 0410 344 459
Age Group Manager:
Grant Watkinson 0413 661 626
Training Times:
Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-7:00pm Whatmough Park

Round 1 - 04/12/2015

St Mary's Under 17 (Colts) - 2015 Under 17 - Colts 2 5.3.33 vs. Preston Bullants 11.12.78

A tough start for us, we played against a big strong team in Preston. Their willingness to run hard had pour backmen under a lot of pressure. We need to turn things around next week. I am confident that we can learn from this and have a better showing in our next game.

Goal Kickers:

Jamo 2, Sacco, Blakey, Sanelli

Best Players:

Jamo Shea. Luke Awad. Mason Blakey. Ryan Sanelli. Rory Hanlon. Alex Stoddart


Ash Dean - Trainer/ Boundary Umpire and finished the day sweeping out the rooms