Brett Hancock - 0412 083 026
Team Manager:
Anthony Theunissen - 0418 555 701
Age Group Manager:
Monique Jackson - 0407 338 497
Training Times:
Friday 4.30-6pm Whatmough Park

Round 3 - 05/04/2014

St Mary's Under 9 (Tackers) - 2014 Under 9 Tackers - Kookabarras 0.0.0 vs. Tackers Black 0.0.0

Today we played our neighbours, St Marys Tackers Black, and it was a tough hard fought game with lots of bumps and collisions due to the wet conditions. Our boys managed to kick a few goals but also let some easy goals through. With more training and games I'm sure we'll have a lot of good games to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Goal Kickers:

Best Players:


RHG Award - Hudson Hancock