Jean Pierre De Waele - 0439 496 949
Team Manager:
Kate Fowler - 0418 125 466
Age Group Manager:
Glenn Costello - 0407 987 939
Training Times:
Wednesday 5.30-7pm AK Lines

Round 3 - 05/04/2014

St Mary's Under 13 - 2014 Under 13 - Black 11.7.73 vs. Ashburton 4.3.27

Great all around effort by all the boys today. We won most of the centre clearances and moved the ball quickly and effectively into our forward line. Our forwards created leads and kicked straight for goal which showed on the scoreboard. The team looked for each other all day and moved the ball around with kicking and handballing to open options. Well played boys!

Goal Kickers:

Andrew Abdulnour (5), Liam Fowler (4), Cooper McKenzie, Mason Hosmer

Best Players:

Andrew Abdulnour, Riley Madigan, Liam Fowler, Nathan Free, Reuben Hanslow-Sells, John Collum, Mitch DeWaele, Joq Wagner, Cooper McKenzie, Lawrence Payne


Happy to see the whole team making a difference.


Thanks to Barney and Veronica Collum for sponsoring our team!