Graeme Campbell - 0404 124 504
Team Manager:
Serone Thomas - 0404 745 222
Age Group Manager:
Monique Jackson - 0407 338 497
Training Times:
Friday 4.30- 6pm Whatmough Park

Round 6 - 06/01/2014

St Mary's Under 9 (Tackers) - 2014 Under 9 Tackers - White 0.0.0 vs. Ivanhoe 0.0.0

Again we finished off the game well. You guys are listening to me at the quarter time breaks and this helps us home back. We now need to start the games the same way. After the break I want to start having some guys playing in a more regular position.

Goal Kickers:

Max McKay, Jack Trimcevski

Best Players:

Ty Kitchell


Anthony Leonello